Here at Redde Endurance Coaching we believe that all our athletes training should be approached holistically. This to us means you are more than just an athlete and should be considered during your time with us. You may have a family or family commitments, a career and the stressors associated with that career, or a personal life with it’s own commitments and stressors that need to all be considered while setting a training plan and executing the training.

Your training will include strength and mobility as we feel these are integral to your personal achievement of maximal potential. All to often athletes overlook the importance of a strong core and flexibility sessions such as yoga to balance out the training. These two have a large return in your personal performance for a small investment of time. Having a full team of ‘medical’ professionals is never a bad idea and encouraged as a part of the holistic approach to training such as regular visits to the family practitioner, chiropractor, and massage therapist (RMT). Nutrition, hydration, and sleep hygiene are all things that should be taken into consideration when working with our athletes. Redde Endurance Coaching has an RMT on staff and available for generalized questions.

Watch for Cosmic Kids youth yoga being offered soon!