Redde Endurance Coaching is fully behind the 80/20 philosophy of training in where 80% of the weekly training is low intensity (zones 1 & 2) while the remaining 20% is at moderate to high intensity (zone 3 and higher). In all our experiences it just works, and you need to trust the system.

Redde Endurance Coaching primarily trains with pace & power, followed by heart rate. The training plans are set up primarily using time over distance, this helps maintain balance with the other aspects of your life. For example, when you are prescribed a one hour foundation run you know you will be one hour out on a run. When prescribed a 5km run, the time it will take you to complete this run can vary day to day based on factors such as the environment your are running in, your sleep or nutrition, and outside stressors with your life.

Here at Redde Endurance Coaching, we believe an athletes training needs to be approached holistically and contribute to their overall health and wellness.